You want to change your life but don’t know
where to start, I’m here to guide you.

Whether its that niggle of dissatisfaction or an overwhelming feeling that your life as it stands is almost too hard to bear. Well get ready as you’re about to embark on an incredible journey. Because there’s no going back from here. You know too much. You know that this can’t just be it for your life. You know that you deserve more – or at least those around you deserve someone happy and fulfilled. You know that if you don’t make a change now it will just stay the same way for the next few months and years (and deep down you know you just can’t do it anymore). It’s time to make a change but here’s where most people get stuck. You’re so good at figuring out what other people should do with their lives… but you? That’s where your mind draws a blank. And how can you possibly entertain the idea of changing your career or lifestyle so drastically when you have responsibilities? Those bills don’t pay themselves… Well, that’s where I come in. No, I can’t pay your bills for you, sorry! But what I can do is guide you to find the best next step for you. Because deep down, somewhere inside of you is the answer – you just need a guiding hand to help you find it, and turn your dreams into reality.



I’m Rachel Allanach, and I am an intuitive Life Purpose Guide. I guide those that are stuck and wanting so much more out of life.
I see life as a gift..
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About Rachel

Despite the many challenges I have faced in my life, and even in the lowest moments I’ve always held on to the belief and deep knowing that there is always something to feel grateful for,and the challenging experiences we face can help us learn and grow.
Some may say I’ve had more than my fair share of traumatic life experiences, yet each one has brought me to a greater understanding of myself. My true self, the one who knows life isn’t for playing small and suffering. The part of me that knows we can change, and we always have a choice and we all have inner resources of strength and courage to get through what ever life throws at us.
One of the most profound discoveries was that my intuition is incredibly strong. Alongside my intuitive gifts I am trained and qualified in a range of energy healing therapies and techniques that can support you in healing past hurts and traumatic events so that you can find peace with yourself and the courage to change your life to one with more Love, Joy and Happiness
If you’re looking for a caring, nurturing guide and cheerleader, who can help you heal and transform, I’d love to help you. Find out more here.


“Although Rachel says she’s a coach, she’s so much more than that. She helps support people wanting to get unstuck from recurring life events and helps them get their love of life back. I met Rachel at the EFT Conference last year and found her easy to talk to, caring and empathetic. She talked to me about setting up her business with such enthusiasm and her desire to help people comes straight from her heart”.Tracey Morrow ~ E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Master Practitioner, Newbury, UK

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