So it’s late Saturday night Sept 14th 2019 and I’ve just shared my first Instagram post for the international Essence awareness week here in the U.K. We had to share our favourite essence for 2019 and I Instantly knew the one I would share this time round i.e. a year later…It was the essence called GONE from the focus fix range. Gone means grieving onwards never ending and is a blend of three other essences – white light which is about cleansing and new beginnings , white poplar is for healing the mind and emotions and cherry Laurel is also about balancing the mind. what amazes me every time I use my flower essence process to choose a essence for my client how perfect they are. You see I have no attachment or huge prior knowledge or influences about individual flower essences I just know they work. I have over 50 different essences within my practitioner kit and so its not my job to let my human part of me with my filters and outside conditioning get in the way… it’s my job to be grounded and clear and non attached to the outcome of what essence will be required for my client but when I do look deeper into the meaning of the essence after the consultation it is Simply Perfect .So this is why I wanted to share about how beneficial having a personalized Flower Essence consultation with a practitioner is. It will be made up specially for you and we all know how each and everyone of us are unique and have different desires, needs etc. The essences will be chosen to support you now may need to change a week or two week, month down the line. We are forever changing just look at the moon with its phases and the tides that flow in and out we are also flooded with much inner and outer influences so it’s understandable to have helping hands such as essences to support you through our this journey we call Life. As Sue lilly my tutor would say flower essences are like energetic keys, you have to kind the right key..,And I can tell you when you do find the right key your life will open up new ways of being ?And for those who don’t know my link with the flower essence Gone – it will be 2 year on the 21st of Sept that the father of my three older children died. Gone has been a pivotal part of my life and yes there was nothing perfect about his death but this essence matched all that I was experiencing and held and supported me in a way no one else could.