How to shift Creative Blocks

How to Shift Creative Blocks – Bush Flower Essences

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In this video How to shift Creative Blocks, I share my recent experiences with using (Turkey Bush) from the Australian Bush Flower essence range. We used this essence within a Level One workshop in London. The totally gifted and talented Founder Ian White shared his passion and drive about these amazing essences. Whilst taking Turkey Bush within a creative project …

how to be compassionate

How to be compassionate – Rose Oracle

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In this video “How to be compassionate” I share how my recent trip to a business workshop held in London lead me on a little adventure of not only learning the course content but also learning about ME and how compassionate I am to myself and others. How to be Compassionate I choose the lovely Rose Alchemy Oracle cards to …

Heal Your Thyroid Naturally Part 2

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Heal Your Thyroid Naturally: Part 2 A really quick video where I share the resources/books I used to gather information to Heal my under active (hypothyroidism) Thyroid Naturally. Check out my interview with Evette Rose on her YouTube account to see her in-depth explanation of what emotional reason could be behind those suffering from an under active thyroid. You can …

Heal Your Thyroid Naturally Part 1

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Heal-thyroid-naturally-part-1  I talk about my health and the miscarriages that I went through (natural and missed) before my under active thyroid was picked up through routine blood tests. I gave my body a complete detox and learnt so much about the products we use on our skin and having good gut health. I spent hours of research filtering through the …