It can be daunting working out the best next steps forward and trusting in someone new to guide you along the way, especially if you haven’t worked with them before. My core values are based around Care and Support and making sure you feel safe and nurtured. You really are in good hands do check what a few of my clients have said after working with me.

“I found Rachel easy to talk to”

“Although Rachel says she’s a coach, she’s so much more than that. She helps support people wanting to get unstuck from recurring life events and helps them get their love of life back. I met Rachel at the EFT Conference last year and found her easy to talk to, caring and empathetic. She talked to me about setting up her business with such enthusiasm and her desire to help people comes straight from her heart”.
Tracey Morrow ~ E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Master Practitioner, Newbury, UK

“Transformative and healing”

I was very lucky to receive sessions from Rachel on a few occasions. In all of them, she helped me to heal presenting issues by connecting to her Higher Self and Spirit Guides and providing guidance that was transformative and healing. She is naturally very kind, generous with a pure heart and high intentions. Her knowledge, skills and incredible intuition makes her an amazing therapist. Thank you, Rachel, I am very grateful for all that you have done for me 🙏💜🙏

“Rachel is a natural healer”

Rachel is a natural healer. I received a long-distance pendulum clearing from Rachel. She was very professional with very caring energy. The clearing itself was profound. Some really amazing insights that have since opened my eyes. I have felt lighter and more motivated since which is exactly what I needed. Thank you, Rachel!

“Intuitive and compassionate”

Rachel is naturally intuitive and compassionate which allows you to feel comfortable when she guides you to look at any issues with which you need help or are ready to change. She is down to earth, skilled and knowledgeable about many different subjects and I can definitely recommend going to see her if, like me, you feel the time has come to deal with something that you feel needs addressing in your life. I feel a million times better since our session.

“Rachel, you are a miracle worker”

I’m sharing this because it’s exactly what I felt today after taking one of Rachel’s new essences, “Find your True Essence”

I’ve had the crappest two months, dad sick, burnout, losing friends, felt really awful, I literally stopped working which for me is crazy as I’m always working.

BUT today……. my ability to speed work has come back.

I literally took a few drops of this essence and suddenly I felt so clear, alive and bright, I had been worrying about not working and getting everything done, well panicking really.

All panic left, all issues over time went away. This is what I channelled about it.

I am feminine divine, the feminine to your masculine. I ground the energy of higher spiritual wisdom and whatever your deepest self-worth and self-belief blocks are they will be cleared instantly.
You will value yourself once more.

It’s like the mental process of thinking and worrying has gone.
I feel work is effortless and I am like a machine.
I’ve done more today than in the last two months altogether.

I actually channelled the voice of this flower essence yesterday without knowing what it was and made the connection today. It’s like the hard masculine fighting energy has gone and replaced by a softness, gentle and peaceful yet strong and gets things done.

Rachel, you are a miracle worker. I’m calling this essence the Bringer of Miracles. xxxxxx