The Shift Session



Has something been feeling a little off?  Not quite able to put your finger on it (OR it might be so obvious that instead you've popped your fingers in your ears and reciting a chorus of "lalalalala" whilst averting your eyes).


It's time for a little input, a little support.




It's a one off session with me which allows you to experience how I work and also how the flower essences can support you in everyday life.


During this session I will ask you to complete a online consultation which will require a brief outline of your medical history, any medication you are currently taking and emergency contact details.


Now time for the magic...


Then I will tune into your energetic signature via a photo or I can use your physical signature or even your astrology chart. I will dowse to see the type of essences you need and any other processes that might be needed during the session. This might include working with colour healing, crystal therapy, pendulum healing, aromatherpy along with any other therapies I am trained in.


This is a lengthy process and can take up to two hours (no skimming the surface or one size fits all here, I want to go deep) and so at the end you will have your very own personalised essence and a report for you to understand more about the essences and what they can support you with.


Experiencing this magic is life changing!  Flower Essences and intuitive guidance can, literally, shift you a million miles.


I ask for an investment of  £ 77  for your initial Shift Session (inclusive of your first essences and postage and package) and then any further essences will be charged at £33 each.


I'd love to support you on this journey that is called life and help you move beyond the barriers that you are feeling right now...






"I have no idea how Rachel does it but her essences always correct energetic timelines and present a new internal awareness directed with magic"

Ive used three of her essences now and each more powerful than the last, new insights and wisdom have been gifted to me with each one. I am able to transcend inner energy mismatches and dissolve confusion and inner blockages. They give me space, insight and freedom to rise above the presenting issue and circumstance to restore balance.


The spirit of Rachels essences are captured within her work so profoundly and deeply that when I take them I connect to the spirit of the flower who runs information and guidance to me through my higher self.


Rachel is a gift to energy healers who need an internal instruction manual and a complete how to.... to resolve complex internal issues and find inner freedom.


Melissa Tessro - Author and Pendulum Healing Expert


Consultation & Essences